Secretary’s Blog: We Glimpse the Beginning…

Originally Posted on March 5, 2013:

“Through a meadow opening in the pine woods I see snowy peaks about the headwaters of the Merced above Yosemite.  How near they seem and how clear their outlines on the blue air; or rather in the blue air; for they seem to be saturated with it.  How consuming strong the invitation they extend!  Shall I be allowed to go to them?  Night and day I pray that I may, but it seems too good to be true.  Some one worthy will go, able for the Godful work, yet as far as I can I must drift about these love-monument mountains, glad to be a servant of servants in so holy a wilderness”.   John Muir; “My First Summer in the Sierra”.

John Muir wrote the above entry on June 6th, 1869, while on a trip accompanying 2000 sheep to the high sierra.   Those journal entries eventually became his book “My First Summer in the Sierra”- chronicling his journey along the now-dedicated John Muir Historical Route to Yosemite Valley.  Climbing up from Coulterville, he and his flock of “hooved locusts” had reached what is now Greeley Hill – his “second bench” of the Range of Light.  Reading his words above you can almost feel his frustration at being tied to the slowness of a wandering flock of sheep, instead of heeding the siren call of the high Sierras.  He voices doubt, too:   Will he be allowed to go – will he be worthy for the Godful work?

These same feelings of doubt and frustration are very much on the minds of the members of the John Muir Geotourism Center.  We are just now moving into our new/old home:  the historic Gazzolo Dance Hall in Coulterville.  The challenges that face us now are manifold:  to plan and build our Center to be a fitting place for presenting and accomplishing our vision and mission.  With plenty of hard work still to go, we are yet on track for a future dedication and grand opening.

Continue to watch our site for upcoming news about the new Center.  Until then – drift with the spirit of John Muir about the “love-monument mountains” in the holy wilderness of the Range of Light.

Go Home into the Mountain’s Heart

Karen M. Wilson

Secretary, Board of Directors; John Muir Geotourism Center