John Muir Highway Presentation – Today

For the county of Stanislaus


An alternative to the Yosemite Gateway Partners would be The Historic Yosemite Highway, however, it  is now invisible for many travelers. Highway J132 established by the State of CA in the 1930s once hosted the Queen of England on here visit to Yosemite National Park. There are Four Gateways and the Historic Highway has been replaced by a Northern Route that’s a by-pass to the entire Hwy 132. Today’s presentation will explain that some visitors might wish to see the “authentic” history found on Highway 132, first discussed by John Muir in 1912 when automobiles were first allowed into Yosemite on the Old Coulterville Road – the original Historic Highway into the park. Historic, too, because it’s where John Muir made his First Walk to the Sierra in 1868.